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The Black Cat (1934)



Peter and Joan Allison are on their honeymoon in beautiful Hungary when they meet a man, through unfortunate circumstance, and are thrust together for the following peculiar events, which involve a World War, a bus accident, flaying, and Satanism.


First Half Review

Well, this is an interesting one. It’s part of Universals big Horror push in the 30s and 40s which gave us, the “Wolfman”, “Dracula” and “Frankenstein”; the stars of the latter 2 pairing up in this “adaptation” of Edgar Alan Poe’s “Black Cat”. This, however, would be like calling the new World War Z movie an adaptation of the book, when it is merely just taking the name and slapping a different story on it.

The story follows a newlywed couple, who we are supposed to relate with, going on their honeymoon to the exotic location of Transylvania Hungary. We meet our hero/protagonist in the form of Bella “Count Dracula” Lugosi, who is going to meet his Austrian “friend” I presume. The movie has not dated well but the story holds up to a degree.

So the Austrian friend is played by Boris “Frankenstein” Karloff. On the way to meet him the couple’s bus crashes inexplicably and the wife of the newly wed is injured, but luckily Karloff’s character is a Doctor and is able to treat her. Karloff’s home is built on a fort where 1000s of Hungarian people were slaughtered in the war. Lugosi accuses Karloff of betraying the Hungarians to the Russians and stealing his wife while he was in a Russian Prison camp, at this point a black cat appears and Lugosi with a Gambit style reflex kills the cat with a scalpel he throws at it.

Now this movie when it came out was considered gruesome. The reason? Karloff’s character keeps dead embalmed women as trophies, in display cases like Barbie’s. This escalates quite quickly to us seeing Karloff in bed with a beautiful woman, while reading “The Rites of Lucifer” so yeah, he’s also a Satanist. We learn he wants to sacrifice the newlywed bride to his Dark Lord. In the final 20 minutes we discover that one of the women in the display cases is Lugosi’s wife who died shortly before he arrived and that the blonde women he is now in a relation with is Lugosi’s daughter. So you can tell this won’t end well.

The movie, for it’s time, was considered extremely gory. There is one part where we don’t see anything but the description itself is off putting to say the least.  In the 60+ minutes the movie is onscreen we are subjected to scenes which involves, necrophilia, ailurophobia, drugs, a deadly game of chess, torture, flaying, and a black mass with a human sacrifice.

Granted, as I said, by today’s standards these are all quite tame for the time this was a horrific thing to subject audiences too.

It’s an interesting watch for those who enjoy the horror movie genre and it has to be noted of one of the first movies to use a continuous soundtrack all the way through. Also that music you thought was from the Phantom of the Opera?  It’s actually from this.


Second Half Review

This movie came out of the box this evening. I added it in during a spate of old movie adds, so when I pulled it out, I wasn’t even sure what this movie was about. Apparently, it was the biggest box office draw in 1934. Maybe its a different time, but I’m unsure as to why!

The story revolves around 4 people. Peter and Joan Allison, a newly married couple who seem to be pulled along by Karloff and Lugosi’s Poelzig and Wedergast, respectively. The two men have known each other for years and long open wounds are brought to the surface once more.

The movie is a simple affair. The story seems to be straight forward enough, with the addition of rather peculiar plot devices, such as titular Black Cat and a random Satanic ritual. The movie moves from being pleasantly old fashioned to rather dark very quickly, and the viewer is left with an unsettled feeling as the movie bounds from dark vision to quirky classic.

Lugosi and Karloff are icons of horror movie genre and it was refreshing to see them in a movie without the make up and prosthetics. It’s kind of nice to think that when people, even now, decades after Lugosi played his synonymous role as Dracula, people imitate his accent when they pretend to be a vampire.

I enjoyed this movie. It was simple, it was straight forward, and unnerving at times. A good watch.


TL: DR First Half: If you have a spare hour give it a go

TL; DR Second Half: Black Cats really do have 9 lives…


“Half of a Yellow Sun” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (2006)



Three people’s stories intertwine as the book chronicles their lives from the early 1960’s in Nigeria, and the ensuing Nigerian – Biafra War. This book is written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Second Half Review

Another book review, so it’s just me today. This was one of those books that came highly recommended from a college professor, and I picked up at the time for next to nothing. Its not the kind of book that I normally read, and so it remained on my “to read in case of emergency” pile for at least 3 years. This year, I decided to plough through that pile as it contains a lot of such books.

The book tells the story of a simple village boy called Ugwu, who very fortunately becomes the servant of a college lecturer called Odenigbo. Odenigbo is a very educated man and Ugwu is very impressed by him. Odenigbo then moves his lover, Olanna, into his home. Olanna and Odenigbo are very much in love and the story then focuses on Olanna’s story. She is also very well educated and well spoken. The third character that the story focuses on, is Englishman Richard, who is infatuated with Olanna’s twin sister, Kainene. The book shows how their lives intermingle and how they are torn apart by the horrors of war, and how they slowly come back together as best they can.

I’l admit that I do not know a lot about Nigeria, and especially about the horrendous war that took place there, so this book not only introduced me to wonderfully thought out characters, but also to an event that I had little to no knowledge about.

The book took a little while to grab my attention, but then the cracks in society begin to show, and slow rumblings of discord begin to seep into the pages, and by the time you know whats happening, you are already hooked and have to keep reading. I think I read this book in about 2 sittings, as it just keeps drawing you in.

Even the end, and I won’t say much about it, is the same. I turned several pages after the end, hoping to find more answers, more closure, but to no avail. I suppose it’s better that way; it shows that war leaves many, many unanswered questions, and the absence of those who we wish were still here.


TL: DR: Learning about history and an awesome story to boot, whats not to like?

Django Unchained (2013)



Django is a slave who gets the luckiest break possibly ever. He is bought by a one Dr.Schultz, who is tracking down bounties in the New World. Django teams up with the good doctor, but is ever looking out for his wife who was also a slave, and sold elsewhere.

First Half Review

Tarantino goes West….South? Southwestern?

So for the sake of pissing off Americans and movie buffs everywhere, this is the long awaited Tarantino western 😉
Starring: Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio. The story we all know is Django is a freed slave working as a bounty hunter and looking for his wife.

So with trailers and adverts, Django comes in at the 3 hour mark. It doesn’t feel like it at all, compared to fucking “Les Mis”. This movie has been hotly debated in the US for being racist. I don’t get it. So the characters say the word “nigger” a lot. “hang this nigger”, “that’s your nigger?”, “kill that nigger”, “what you say boy?” and my favourite , “there’s a nigger on  that horse!” Fuck sake it was the 1800s. Slavery was still legal, the American Civil War happened cause of this shit. Yet people are calling this movie racist for saying a word that was common usage at the time, which was just as racist then as it is now.

The characters are all well rounded and developed. “Candieland” looks like a fun place. The violence, well it’s a Tarantino film, it wouldn’t be a QT movie with a load of blood. Jamie Foxx is fantastic in the role as the bitter and tortured Django. Waltz is great as always but for me it has to be DiCaprio  He has the Southern charm down to a T, he’s terrifying at times and really a product of the generation. It took me a good 40 minutes to wonder if he was a villain, and to be honest, I don’t think he was. He was a product of the time, as I said previously. He wasn’t your out and out “twisting the moustache, laughing to himself” villain, he was neither good nor bad. he simply was. The character seemed intelligent but was also ignorant, knowing about Phrenology but not being able to speak French even though requesting to be addressed as “Monsieur”.

As with other QT movies, the music is a joy: be it the Enrico Morricone or the rap which fits right into this period for some reason. Good movie, great dialogue. However, its a pity that a lot seems to have been cut, but even at that it’s still a hefty film to watch and enjoyable all the same.

Next up i’d like to see a Quentin Tarantino sci-fi movie

Second Half Review

Normally, I am not the biggest fan of Tarantino. I find his some of his movies to juvenile and pretty shlocky. I was slightly let down with “Inglorious Bastards”, so I was anxious to see what his latest offering would hold.

And what an offering it is! Its nearly 3 hours long, and its jammed packed with story and adventure. The story follows recently freed slave, Django, on his quest to find his wife. He is firstly enlisted by a dentist who is actually a bounty hunter. The dentist helps Django further by sourcing where his wife is currently being kept. Suffice to say, its a very bloody, very elaborate rescue attempt that fails at the very last minute.

Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz are both excellent in this, but Leonardo Di Caprio steals the show. He is perfect in his role as Monsieur Candie. The southern gentleman with a Francophone obsession, he is the perfect anti hero. Samuel L. Jackson was a surprise in this. Even though his name is in the opening credits, I had forgotten he was in it until I saw him in his role as “Stephen”.

Its a Tarantino movie, so you know its violent as all hell. I had conveniently disregarded this fact. I was forcefully reminded of this in the first 5 minutes! It was rather shocking and definitely set the tone for the rest of the movie.

The soundtrack to this film was awesome. Its a mixture of Mariachi music, old classic Western odes and bitchin’ rap tunes. It really shouldn’t blend as well as it should, but its just perfect for the movie.

TL:DR First Half Review – Tarantino goes west, blood follows

TL:DR Second Half: a bloody Western straight outta Compton.

Tremors (1990)



Val and Earl are the local handyman in the smallest one horse town in the US, when a city girl, college student reports odd seismic readings. Its probably just the some guys drilling or blasting, right? Definitely. It’s hardly a group of subterranean monsters.. Oh.. It is? Well… My bad…

First Half Review

Tremors – Well it was that time of the year, Bacon TIME! Had an urge to watch a Bacon movie but wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for. “The Invisible Man” was good, but has it aged well? “Footloose”? Nah had enough song and dance in the last week after “Les Miserables”. Tremors, Schlocky, b-movie, monster movie about giant underground worms. Sure it’s been a while since I saw it so threw on the dvd and away we went.

Now, for those of you who haven’t seen it, I’m going to write this for you as herself hadn’t seen it- you can compare and contrast, then throw both opinions out and realise i’m right and go watch it.

Tremors is a stupid movie. It’s also a cult classic, a b-movie, a monster of the week movie and fun as hell to watch.
We have 2 handy men who do all the odd jobs in Perfection, a town of 14. The two boys do the odd jobs and dream of escaping to the “big city” which I can only assume has twice the population.

We meet a lovely lady who is up checking on seismology readings from the local college and a gun nut and his wife who’m i’m pretty sure Dale from king of the hill was based on.

So to put this nice and short, the pitch for the movie probably went something like this

Writer – It’s Jaws.
Studio – We’ve had Jaws how is this different
Writer – It’s Land Jaws, In the Nevada Desert
Studio – Sold

So yeah that’s the simplest way to describe it, Land Jaws. But instead of a Shark it’s a Giant worm.
The town folk have to survive and come up with a plan.

Second Half Review

And a return to the movie box! Pulled this one out of the box, and himself was only delighted. He has a special place in his heart for these kinds of monster movies. I, on the other hand, am unmoved by the nostalgia vibe that seems to resonate from these kinds of movies.

Kevin Bacon is a likable hillbilly in his role as Val, and his handyman- in- crime, Earl, are constantly threatening to leave Perfection, the tiny town that has always been more of a prison than a home. The day they decide to finally leave, is the day when all hell breaks loose.

The story is simple. Town gets attacked by monster. Townsfolk react. Big bad goes bye bye, and rejoicing all round. Its certainly not going to win any Oscars for its screenplay but its an enjoyable movie. The dialogue is fine and the acting is also pretty bog standard, except for Melvin, the teenager, who is just awful. The grandfather from my all time favourite 90s movie is also in this, “Three Ninjas” which was kinda nice.

There is not really a whole lot I can say about it. I don’t get the love that himself has for the movie, but I’ve watched worse, and its an easy watch. Its not too long either, which was a breath of fresh air after watching “Les Miserables” last week!

TL:DR First Half- It’s ok, I have a plan.

TL: DR Second Half: Kevin Bacon being Kevin Bacon in the desert. No dancing. Lots of tunnel snakes.

Les Misérables (2012)








Jean Valjean is released from prison after 19 years, for the heinous crime of stealing a loaf of bread. Upon being released  he promptly goes on the run. Javert, an upstanding Inspector, is tasked with returning the fugitive. Slowly, this pursuit begins to take over Javert’s life, and Jean Valjean attempts to stay free.


First Half Review

And. Here. We. Go.

“Les Miserables” was a terrible movie. Granted, it was well shot and I think there was a story in there that i’m meant to care about. But Jesus fucking Christ does it drag on. I knew it was a musical about the French Revolution; that’s all I knew. I had read Terry Pratchetts book “Night Watch”, which is loosely based around the story. So I went in with an open mind thinking “this will be a good movie.” I liked and have starred in musicals before, mainly Rogers and Hammerstein productions. I have been to plays and the theatre. What I didn’t expect was the movie to sing. every. single. line. of. dialogue.

At one point it reminded me of the Futurama episode “The Devils Hands are Idle Playthings” when the Robot Devil jumps up on stage and says “Your lyrics lack subtlety  You can’t just have your characters announce how they feel! That makes me feel angry!”

This is evident when Johnvaljohn sings to Gladiator “I AM JEANVALJEAN and you are JAVERT”. I rolled my eyes. Saying that, the only good part of this whole thing is Wolverine and Gladiators interactions together. At times when you’re trying to follow the story, the music and singing takes away from it. The time jumps aren’t clearly explained nor is the reason for Jonvandamme being shunned and said he’s so dangerous for “stealing a loaf of bread”. He serves 19 winters for this crime and is then labelled as a danger to society where even the bums living on the streets ask to see his papers.

So after tearing up this piece of paper that everyone seems to know about, he is able to live in anonymity for 8 years, working his way to be mayor of some town and a successful business owner seemingly only having magic candlesticks (yes I know he got the silver and probably worked his way up that way). But I like the magic candlesticks idea. All during this time, Jarret is still looking for this 1 prisoner and happens upon him more often than April O Neil stumbled on one of Shredders plans. So onto our next character: Anne Hathaway.

With the only song any of us know, “I dreamed a dream”. So again, onto nonsensical plot movement device. Hathaway has a daughter and she works in a dress makers factory to provide for her child. At the end of the day (think that’s the name of the song) her co-workers discover she has a child and she’s sending money to provide for the child, so they label her a whore and get her fired. Which in the space of 20 minutes leads her to sell a locket, her hair and her body and die (That escalated quickly). Upon finding out that this woman had been a worker of his, Jeanwolverine goes looking for her daughter, turns himself in after a quick sing about his crisis of identity and in a court bursts in full of life and declares again “I AM JEANVALJEAN!!!”. Rushes off to the hospital learns that an innkeeper is keeping Hathaway’s daughter and has a fight with “A Beautiful Mind”.

Now onto the comic relief. Sasha Baron Cohen and Tim Burtons wife are quite good as the robbing innkeeper and wife and it’s one of the few lively songs that make you smile. Also Cohen’s not knowing the girls name is quite funny, but they really are a one trick pony. This side of the story merely introduces Collete/Corgette/Cossete who plays the Cinderella role. So after another time jump of about 10/12 years Jean has bought the little girl from the thieves and has raised her as his own while still on  the run. Prior to this is my favourite part,

Upon there escape from Javette again, they hide in a monastery and have to be very quiet.. “SINGS LOUDLY” WE ARE LOOKING FOR SANCTUARYYYYYYY!!!!. Seriously, anyone would be able  to find them, they sing about everything: it’s like a fucking Disney movie.

So we’re in the future again and some guy is dying and 3/4 new characters are introduced, curly haired blonde boy (CHBB) freckled boy (FB) annoying kid (AK) and busty brown haired probable neighbours/eastenders star (Hot Girl).

These are part of the Resistance I think, they have a preference for the colours Red and Black (sung about it for 15 minutes). This was also the first part of my naps it was that boring. Some guy was dying and they wanted a revolution. A King was back in power and they were not happy with it. So they started a rebellion, Jared the goblin king was undercover I think, I was again asleep for this part. FB fell in love with Corgette but Hot Girl was in love with FB. She somehow tracked Corgette and Jeanvan in the space of 5 minutes which Jevid couldn’t do in the past 20 odd years. Something about love was declared, running to England and then the end with a marriage of FB and Corvette.
The film went on for two long. If it had interspersed dialogue in there with the singing and had that as a bridging tool I feel it would have been a stronger film. Still the best musical I have seen in the last decade or more has been “South Park Bigger, Longer and Uncut.” It has a lot of similarities with Les Mis but it does it better by having the narrative it does.

Les Mis falls flat on that aspect and while it might work well in Broadway it doesn’t translate to the big screen, it feels bloated and the songs drag on. Just checking how many songs are sung: 50. 50 songs. from those 50 I remember

“look down”, “dream a dream”, that’s really it. It should have been condensed more and edited to have a stronger song base of maybe 15 songs. But what do I know people seem to love it and i’ll be branded a monster for not liking it. To that I say fuck it.


Second Half Review

My review will not be as long as the above, as I rather liked the movie! I’l attempt to be concise.

I had not seen “Les Miserables” in a very long time. I watched a television adaption on a random satellite channel many years ago, and fell in love with the songs, and the setting. When I heard that there was going to be a film version, I was secretly thrilled. The trailers were epic and the snippets of the songs that I had heard were spectacular.

I finally convinced himself to come see it with me. I had told him it was going to be a musical, and that it would be quite long. However, I was not prepared for JUST how long it was. It feels every minute of its 2 hour 40 minutes. Its definitely not one for the faint hearted. There are a few spoken lines of dialogue but the rest is singing. This can be quite off putting for those unfamiliar with this style, and initially the plot can be difficult to follow as not all of the actors enunciate properly. For instance, the first time we hear Javert’s name, it is almost incomprehensible.

The cinematography is just stunning though. Within the first 5 minutes of starting, the audience is treated to the view of a ship breakers yard being lashed by winds and rain and the stormy sea. Hundreds of men are pulling a capsized galleon ashore, and the low rumble of their singing voices just merge together beautifully. I think thats one of the reasons I liked this film. There are some beautiful scenes that will stay with you after the film is over.

The sheer size of the production is immense. There are scenes (such as the funeral scene and the heaven scene) that are filled with so much action and activity its hard to take it all in.

Of course, most people are familiar with the more iconic songs in this movie, “I Dreamed a Dream”, “Castle on a Cloud” and “On My Own”. I think the cast did a really good job in performing these classics. Anne Hathaway, in particular, does a fantastic job in belting out the painfully tragic “I Dreamed a Dream”. Hugh Jackman performs admirably as Jean Valjean. Russell Crowe was a surprise cast as Javert; he isn’t amazing but is a passable Javert.

This movie made me sad in the right places, happy in others, and hopeful in yet others. It is a great movie. Very long. I’d suggest waiting for the DVD to watch at home. That way, you can at least pause it stretch your legs!


TL:DR First Half – Guy steals a loaf of bread and is chased for the rest of his life after getting out of prison sings his way through France

TL: DR Second Half – The Post French Revolution Penal system was a cruel bitch, and Anne Hathaway looks good with a pixie cut.

The Fault in Our Stars (2012)



Hazel is 16 years old, and she knows she is going to die. Terminal cancer will do that to a girl. But this isn’t a story about a courageous battle against cancer, this is the story of Hazel’s meeting a boy.

Second Half Review 

So, it’s just me reviewing today. Its the first book review! And my dear other half doesn’t read as much as I do. Anyway, I digress. I picked this book in a bus station not that long ago. I had left my mp3 player at home and I had just finished my other book (I always have a book with me). I faced a long boring 3 hour return trip with nothing to occupy my time.

I’m a big fan of John Green. I have followed his, and his brother Hank’s, youtube channel, Vlogbrothers, right from the beginning. I think the work he does for charity is inspring, but I was not the biggest fan of his writing. Perhaps I am too old for a lot of his work. Mostly they are aimed at Young Adults, or teenagers. Having read his previous works, I felt it only proper to read this one. I know it’s almost a year since The Fault in Our Stars was published, but I had managed to avoid spoilers and almost any knowledge of the plot since then,

And was I in for a treat! this is a great book. It’s easy to read, and you quickly become absorbed in the story of a girl who’s trying to be normal but has given up any hope of that. I’m not going to spoil anything more than that. This is one of those books that you should go into knowing almost nothing about, and be be swept away by the writing and the story.

John Green’s writing style is almost beautiful in its simplicity. Certain turns of phrase and descriptions stay with you long after you finish this book.The way he describes falling in love “I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly then all at once”, is just so perfect.

This is a sad one though; sad and beautiful. I finished it and cried the whole way from Gorey to Dublin. It hits you the way all good books do, leaving you bereft at sadness and glowing at happiness. Go read it, do yourself a favour. It’l only take a few hours. Trust me.

TL: DR Second Half: Cancer is a bitch

Gangster Squad (2013)



Its 1949 and Los Angeles has a new big boss man by the name of Mickey Cohen. Mickey is hell bent on making L.A. his own, and soon every cop, every lawyer and every judge will be his, unless someone can stop him.

First Half Review

This is becoming a weekly thing now it seems! The idea of the movie box is still there but we now have modern topical movies!!! Yay! If you can’t form you’re own opinion let me form it for you.

So Gangster Squad, for me, came out of nowhere. It was in a trailer before “Argo” and I forgot about it after that till just this week. I like my Noir based movies and games (Discworld Noir is vastly under rated).

So this is following the tried and trusted time period of “LA Noir” and “LA Confidential”,  in that it deals with Los Angeles during the late 40s, early 50s. Crime is rampant, Micky Cohen rules LA with a sadistic iron fist and the cops are all either bought or terrified to do anything about him.

CLICHE alert – Expect one man and his merry men. The older kid from The Goonies, yes, it’s up to Josh Brolin and his incredibly square jaw to save the day. In cahoots, he has Ryan Gosling, Phoebe’s brother from “Friends”, T-1000, a fat Mexican and a black guy who’s good with knives. They have to take down the stoner kid from “Fast times at Ridgemont High”. On a sidenote, who hear has wanted to order pizza in class like Sean Penn did in that movie? Another note, who reading this didn’t know that Sean Penn started his career in an 80s version of American Pie?Anyway, sorry about that, that thought got away from me..

Sean Penn is ruthless in his portrayal of Cohen. When he spits the line, “I am God, Answer to me”, you get a sense of how much power he has and how old testament he’s going to be on his enemies or people who fail him. The movie starts with Brolin talking about how he has changed since coming back from War and watching a pimp take an innocent girl from the bus/train station to start a life of servitude. Instantly we have a fight scene in a brothels elevator and Brolin is kicking ass and chewing gum as he takes on the pimp and his enforcers (you never really see that word only when dealing with the mob: Enforcers). He’s taken for a talk and chewed up and spit out by the Police Captain.

We’re then introduced to Nick Nolte’s chief of police. After you finish reading that and saying “Nick Nolte??” He hasn’t been relevant since the early 90s! The moment you see him you realise how old he is now and if you remember him from something like “48 hours” then you realise “Holy Shit, I’m old”. Jesus the man is 71 now..

The Chief want’s Brolin to take down Cohen using guerrilla tactics, off the record as he had some “special” training in these skills in WW2. He gets his ragtag bunch together and goes to war under the guise of another Gang.

That’s the crux of the story without spoiling anything major.

Each actor I think does a fine job and the period is perfect. Oh yeah, i’ll be given out too if I don’t mention Emma Stone is in this. She’s a good looking girl but I don’t get all the fuss over her. The ensemble are strong. Penn is great as Cohen, the violence and action are grand and fun, the story is solid. If you enjoy the likes of LA Confidential/Noir films give it a look.

Second Half Review

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I was delighted. I love this genre. The smooth talking, wise cracking detectives and the utterly power hungry mobsters, with some gorgeous girl in distress thrown in there for good measure. Unfortunately, this movie didn’t reinvigorate this genre in the way I hoped it would.

Don’t get me wrong, its a good action movie. There are some set pieces in here that are truly great, including a car chase that is just so quintessentially gangster, you can’t help but love it. Sgt John O Mara is tasked with ridding the city of these gangster types, and halting the spread of one Mickey Cohen’s influence. He assembles his band of men and off they go, causing chaos where they roam.

A lot of the merry men are bit forgettable. I only saw the movie on Thursday and I can’t remember any of them, bar Ryan Gosling’s “Jerry” and that’s just because I was so surprised at his voice. It’s high and reedy and the total opposite of John’s deep voice and Mickey Cohen’s gravelly drawl.

There are only two women in the entire movie. John’s heavily pregnant wife, Connie  and Mickey’s girl, Grace, who’s past is dubious at best. The whole movie is a bit of a sausage fest, and both women contribute very little to the overall story.

The set and costumes in this movie are fantastic, The crew really did a great job bringing this era to life. The music, the fashion and ambiance emanate out from the screen and you can’t help but picture yourself in a killer cocktail dress, dancing away at Slapsy Maxie’s, with a suited and booted man on one hand and a martini in the other.

TL:DR First Half – I really want gangster to talk like they do in Bugs Bunny cartoons

TL: DR Second Half – *insert swing music here*