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Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)



The Federation discovers that one of it’s own is driven to destroy the organisation from within. Kirk and his crew delve deep into hostile, alien territory to try and prevent this final doomsday from occurring. (Spoiler free Review to follow.)

First Half Review

It’s blockbuster season! We have had “Iron Man 3” so far and onto our second of the year. I’ve seen this twice so far. The first time on the iMax and second time in a smaller screen. If you have the chance go see it in this format, the 3d was only good at the start, other than that it was not there at all.

But we’re not here to talk about a crappy format that majority of people don’t like. We’re here to discuss, ponder and review “Into Darkness”.
We start off with Kirk breaking the prime directive, telling us that rules are meant to be followed by only some people. He was a punk in the truest form, any other military organisation in the universe would have him killed, imprisoned or worse. In fairness he does get reprimanded but it lasts as long as this review you’re reading has taken to write.
At this point the crew have had a few missions together, relationships have formed and we’re hoping to expand on these relationships.
Kirk and Spock
Spock and Uhura
That’s actually really it. No other people are developed beyond John Harrison, the big bad in this. The last time a villain felt as menacing as this he made a pen disappear up a guys eye. Cumberbatch has this air about him, a presence that he just exudes in this.
The movie isn’t without it’s faults. It has the lens flairs which don’t bother me but once you notice them you can’t not see them. It did seem a bit rushed towards the end and why a race would want an all out war was a bit odd. But you can put that down as a madman wanting it.
My biggest gripe was the under utilisation of the supporting cast. Chekov, Uhura and Sulu are extremely underused and it’s a shame.
It will be interesting to see what happens now with Abrams Star Wars. I am quietly optimistic about it though.
Second Half Review

I had been looking forward to this movie since Christmas. I was a big fan of the 2009 reboot “Star Trek”, a movie with, admittedly, a lot of faults, but which reinvigorated my love of this franchise. So, hearing there was to be another movie just set my fan girl bones a jiggling. When we went to see “The Hobbit” in December, we also see a ten minute preview of this movie. I was salivating then for it, so I was super looking forward to seeing it.

I tried my best to avoid looking at anything online about this movie. There are always spoilers in abundance for these kinds of movies. We managed to get tickets to the midnight showing of this movie in the iMax 3d, which was pretty awesome. The iMax, I mean, not so much the 3d.
Kirk and Spock’s new found friendship is tested when Kirk violates all kinds of military laws for personal reasons, and is majorly bitch slapped for it. But then, all hell breaks loose. A rogue agent belonging to the Federation has a bone to pick and goes about it spectacularly.
I am a big fan of the newly rebooted cast. I think Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are perfectly cast as Kirk and Spock. But for me, the standout character and actor in this movie was Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison. He is just everything you could want in a villian and more. His backstory is perfectly done, and the malevolence at which Harrison spits his lines at Kirk gave me goose bumps.
As I mentioned in earlier reviews, I am huge Star Trek fan, and this movie certainly did not disappoint  There are some really nice throwbacks to the original movies and even to the television show itself. I found myself smiling at the throwaway comment of using the ship the crew confiscated last week in the “Mudd Incident”, referencing the “Mudd’s Women” of original series, was a nice touch. Of course there are plenty more, but that would be telling.
First Half Review TL: DR – Oh God, the LENS FLARES!!!
Second Half Review TL: DR – I really hope there are more movies!



Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)



An alien probe is screwing with Earth’s communications, in a language that no one can decipher. Admiral Kirk and his crew travel back to 20th century Earth to find an animal that can, the humpback whale. Yes, it’s this Star Trek.

First Half Review

Now onto the fun one.

We have Klingon birds of prey.

We have time travel.

We have a alien with mind loss.

We have Whales.

Oh yes, do we have whales!

In a prologue that seems to be lifted from a Futurama episode, a beacon has come to earth and is disrupting all electronics around the planet. Kirk and Spock figure out it’s a whale song communicating with the planet but inevitably destroying everything as there are no whales left.

So, the crew fly their “bird of prey” at Warp 11 or 12, slingshotting around the sun activating a “Time Warp” and end back in San Francisco circa 1984 so they can bring back future extinct humpback whales who can then talk with the beacon and save the world.

Futurama yeah!!!!

But no, seriously that is the plot. That’s all you need to know

If you haven’t seen this movie yet go watch it it’s so stupidly absurd and it shouldn’t work but it does,

To the paradoxes, The Russians in Cold War era America looking for Nuclear Wessels, the swearing and hospital scene. It’s a fun movie. Simple as.

Go watch it as the opinion of the few outweighs the opinion of the many.

Second Half Review

This is one of those movies that I often wonder whether it’s actually a movie or if I just hallucinated it all. The plot honestly sounds like something from a cartoon or a spoof science fiction show, not one of the most groundbreaking shows of the last 50 years.

The crew end up travelling back in time to find and capture some humpback whales in order to prevent the future Earth’s desctruction, and no, you didn’t read that incorrectly. They end up being perfectly placed in San Francisco in the early 1980’s and practically stumble over whales.

Kirk is Kirk and ends up with the girl, Chekov nearly ignites the Cold War and Spock does some diving. It’s a ridiculous movie with ridiculous scenes, and an even more ridiculous plot.

I’m not going to say that this is a good movie. It’s not. It’s an environmental warning dressed in Star Fleet uniform. The dire warnings of environmental disaster almost seep off the screen, and the self important message of those “from the future” where man has learned his mistakes and moved on is almost unbearable at times.

This isn’t a Star Trek movie. Or, rather, it shouldn’t be. It’s a bad fan fiction at best, and an insult to the show at it’s worst.

Don’t bother watching it, unless you want to see how far from the “Star Trek” tree the franchise had fallen.
First Half TL: DR – Well a double dumbass to you too if you don’t watch it.



Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan (1982)




Admiral Kirk is feeling old. Since his promotion to Admiral, he feels that he has been given the backseat in Starfleet, and the prospect of accompanying his old starship, the U.S.S. Enterprise on a training mission with the greenest of greenhorns, does nothing to improve his mood. Of course, with the help of his old crew, and possibly the most iconic villain in Star Trek history, things do not run smoothly.

First Half Review

To prepare for the new “Star Trek” movie, we watched the two best Star Trek movies: number 2 and 4, which are:

The one where Shatner does this

and the one where they go back in time to save the whales, but thats the next review.

Yes, these are the two best Star Trek movies. Aside from the stupidity in saying what I just said, they are great, fun, sci fi movies.

Sure, Khan hasn’t aged well; theres no real sense of danger from him as he’s just on a vendetta against Kirk. But it is a good allusion to Moby Dick with Khan being Ahab and Kirk being the ever elusive “White Whale.”

But it does give us Spocks immortal line that Trekkies the world over quote as much as “live long and prosper”. Hell, it’s even made it into JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie it’s that iconic. The will of the many eh 😉

So, Khan is the villain this time around. He’s a supersoldier of sorts left stranded in the original series by Kirk on a desert planet and he’s pissed with him. We also get introduced to the Genesis Device, a terraforming machine that can cause metamorphosis in a planet in seconds. So naturally Khan wants that for himself.

We also learn that Kirks planet and bed hopping has caught up with him and really that’s it. All the characters you know and love are there; Bones, Kirk, Spock, Ahura, the red shirts, so many red shirts, oh, and Kirsty Alley.

So all in all, I don’t find it to be the best in the series. It’s a little boring at times which is why I never got into Star Trek, TNG or most of the movies. However, as time has gone on, I have learned to appreciate them more for what they are, but “The Voyage Home” will always be my favorite.

Live Long and Prosper.

Second Half Review

My mother is a massive science fiction fan. When I was kid, I remember watching the orginial “Star Trek” tv series as it would be repeated ad nauseum on whatever crappy tv channel we had at the time. I remember being totally enamoured with it. Of course, as I got older, I would watch “The Next Generation” with her, and my fiery passion for Captain Jean Luc Picard began. I digress.

I had never seen a “Star Trek” movie until I saw the rebooted version in 2009, which I quite liked (if I recall correctly), so watching “Wrath of Khan” was an experience to say the least!

Khan is somewhat of a cult figure in the Star Trek mythos, probably more to do with this movie and the ridiculous catch phrase outlined above. The whole movie reads like a bad revenge plot courtesy of one seriously pissed off guy with a significant ego. Khan is tipped to possibly bring Kirk and the Enterprise’s downfall, but at the very last second, choses a very destructive fate for everyone involved.

The movie has not aged gracefully. The plot is threadbare at the best of times, and the main actors often appear to be quite tired in their continued portrayal of iconic figures. I was surprised to see Kirsty Alley in this movie, I had not imagined she was acting at this point in the 1980s.

The biggest shocker in this movie is the death of one of the main crew. I can only imagine how fans of the series reacted at the time when this movie came out. I thought it was an unfitting end to such a man, and one that could have indeed been unavoidable.



Second Half TL: DR – So ’80s its almost painful.