The Heat (2013)



Sarah Ashburn is a good FBI agent. Smart, quick and very intelligent,  she should be a dead cert for the upcoming promotion in her field office. However,  her social skills leave a lot to be desired. She gets teamed up with mad cap, ballsy and brave,  Boston Police Detective Shannon Mullins. Together they form an unlikely duo as they take down a ruthless drug lord.


I wasn’t expecting much from this movie,  if I’m honest. It looks vacant and messy and just… meh from the trailer. The kind of movie I wouldn’t go near with a barge pole.

I was wrong.

This movie is just brilliant. Funny,  touching and a little bit more violent than you’d expect. The script is clever and the characters have dimension. They’re are one or two “chick jokes” but they aren’t what you expect.

Sandra Bullock is just great as tightly wound FBI Sarah Ashburn. Her motivations and drives are explained and we get a little glimpse to the woman behind the gun.

Melissa McCarthy as sloppy and heartfelt Shannon is a wickedly funny woman who just wears get heart on her sleeve. Her life is her work

Of course,  this is a buddy cop movie. Expect the tag teaming and crying into drinks. But it’s so well done. You don’t feel the tropes and clichés. You just let these two take you along on the mad ride.

Excellent movie. I think possibly one of the best buddy cop movies I’ve seen.



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