Pacific Rim (2013)



War rages on between humans and vile beings from another dimension, hell bent on destroying everything we hold dear. Ex pilot, Raleigh, and enthusiastic trainee, Mako, have to forge an unlikely partnership when it matters most.

First Half Review

A movie about giant robots beating the shit out of each other. What could go wrong…. Now, now, now, this isn’t going to be a Michael Bay vs. Del Toro. Unfortunately. 

But if it’s not where’s the fun people are already and have been debating how can people like Del Toros over Bays. Easy. It’s not a fucking mess of a cluster-fuck there is differentiation between the robots and the humans don’t get in the way of the fighting.

This is what the transformers movies should have been like. Granted it’s not without it’s faults the story is threadbare. The acting hammy at best. The dialogue rivals anything by George Lucas. But it’s a film about giant robots beating the shit out of giant aliens, what were you expecting, Oscar worthy speeches? Dramatic life realisations. It knows what it has to do and that’s entertain and it does. The plot may fall apart as soon as you look at it but again it’s just meant to be fun and a lot of people are on there high horses and forget that this is what movies are about. That for 2 hours of your life you can escape from all that shit going on and lose yourself in a movie. Whether it be an epic about a historical figure, a movie about a kid who gets 3 wishes. They all have there jobs and this one does it.

The main difference between this and transformers is that as i said Transformers focuses too much on the humans and not enough on the Autobots/Decepticons. The explosions are big and bombastic but there’s no urgency about them. And lastly, you can’t tell the difference between the damn things.

Second Half Review

When I saw the trailers for this movie first, I was kinda intrigued. The first trailer didn’t really divulge too much and the whole mystery of the movie whetted my appetite. The second trailer, however, did not. It proved that this movie was exactly what i was hoping it wouldn’t be; big, brash and full of explosions.

In saying that though, this movie honestly wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. It’s plot is almost invivisble and its dialogue is downright cringey at times, but the movie itself is interesting. It’s original content. No “source material” to stray from, no legions of fans to bear witness to. It’s not a movie being churned out for the sole purpose of providing a sequel.

Our story starts with our hero, Raleigh, giving a brief history of the war with the Kaiju. The Kaiju are inter dimensional beings that wreck untold havoc on coastal cities. They spawn from the Rift, a place deep within the Pacific Ocean. Mankind’s only hope, we are told, is in the colossal Jaeger robots, who do battle with the Kaiju where ever they emerge.

Sometimes this can feel a little like a Power Rangers movie, but the effects are spectacular in this movie. There is no point watching it in which I recall noting “That is such a lame/cheap-ass effect”. The battles are stunning and the city-scapes are exactly how I imagine a black market Hong Kong to look like.

As I have mentioned, the dialogue is a little off at times. It’s stilted and sometimes feels as if the actors are purposefully engaging in the tropes that surround action movies. The tight arse general with a tainted past, the young woman  who desperately wants to prove herself, and a hero with a tragic back story. All of these, and more, are to be found within this movie.

The shoe horned in “love story” has absolutely no merit at all for the overall story, which is pretty threadbare to begin with. The characters have no depth to them and so it is hard to feel happy or sad for them at the appropriate times.

In saying all of this though, I would still see it if you can. It’s a brainless action movie with a story that is slightly different to others this summer. At least you can be impressed with the absolutely awesome special effects.

First Half TL;DR – Gipsy Danger is GO!

Second Half TL; DR – War. War never changes. Except for Ron Perlman. Digging those shoes.




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