The Wolverine (2013)



Logan is battling numerous inner demons and reckons the best way to do this is to keep out of society’s way at all times. However, his self imposed exile is ended when an old face from his past invites him to Japan to see him once more before the his death. The old man has some interesting propositions for our hero.

First Half Review
It has begun; the “reboot” of the X-men franchise, which I think, for a change, has been done in a smart way.

In the coming years we have “X-men: Days of Future Past” which is linking “X1” and “X2” with “First Class” and “The Wolverine”.  “X3” and “Wolverine Origins” are seemingly being discarded/retconned to make way for the ensemble cast which has been all over the internet in the last few weeks.
But back to “The Wolverine” which is based on the Japanese saga in the Wolverine mythos.
It does follow on from “X3” in that Jean Grey is dead and we’re made blatantly aware of this. But other than that there’s no other mention to it.
It’s the first comic book movie in the long time that feels like a comic book movie rather than an adaptation of a comic book and not being overly stupid in it’s concept and explanation.
We start out sometime in Japan in August in the 1940s. Wolverine is locked up, pre adamantium, and what results is him saving a young Japanese soldiers life and flashing forward to present day where he is living in the woods, minding his own business, and befriending giant bears, as one does.
We’re then taken to Japan where he has to protect the life of a rich Japanese girl and is offered the chance of a normal life.  It has a grittier tone to it than previous installments and feels a bit more adult.
My expectations have been raised for “Days of Future Past”.

Second Hand Review

The “X- Men” movies have never really held any great fascination for me. I’ve seen all of the film adaptation but would be hard pressed to remember any of the details. I get flashes. Like the diamond chick and Deadpool that isn’t Deadpool. I have more of a recollection of “First Class”, but I can’t decide if that is because its one of the better movies, or the most recent.

“The Wolverine” was one of those movies that I wasn’t overly pushed about seeing. I figured that it probably wouldn’t add anything more to the character that I had already made my judgements about, and I was right. The movie doesn’t really delve into Wolverine’s character any more than any of the other movies. He’s still broody and dark and with ever decreasing amounts of patience. In saying that, the scenes where he is talking to Jean Grey is done well. It’s obvious that Logan is in love with Jean and is tortured deeply by her death. I had forgotten that she had died, and even now, had to Google it to ensure that he did, indeed, kill her at the end of “X- Men 3”.

This movie didn’t really need the romance plot. Beyond the obvious reason “rescue the girl”, this movie doesn’t really have any bones to it. Mariko’s sole purpose in this movie is to get kidnapped, which she manages, TWICE. Which is weird  The first time, she is essentially being held by the hand and being walked out of the temple. She is the epitome of the damsel in distress here. This is weird because later in the movie she speaks about being a champion knife thrower and holds her own, martial art styles, when she is set upon again. However, she is then kidnapped in what is probably the lamest kidnapping attempt ever. 

But, I waffle. This movie was a disappointment. I was expecting so much more. It’s not a bad movie, just disappointing.

First Half TL:DR  –

Second Half TL:DR – Ninjas, giant robots, and geisha girls. Pretty much stereotypical Japan. With a Mutant.


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