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A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)








John McClane is back, and this time he’s in Russia, trying to find his wayward son. Trouble inevitably follows and he ends up in all types of trouble.


First Half Review

So, we’re onto the 5th in the Die Hard franchise and you can guess that the law of diminishing returns is going to rear it’s ugly head here. So let’s get started.

The good stuff.


Shit, what was good in it? There was lots of guns, lots of shouting, but that’s just a normal day in Russia it seems. I’m really struggling to find a positive here. Willis seems like he phoned it in. In other movies he was a cop, he was a good guy, he was fighting the terrorists; in this one he’s crashing into people on motorways. Punching guys cause they don’t speak English to him. Pretty much being a complete dick.

With his son, there’s never any real chemistry there. It feels like a slapped together Lethal Weapon duo, The set pieces were decent though.

But after the first 10 minutes we have an explosion, a breakout, a highway chase, another highway chase and then 45 minutes later the story is kind of told to us. A guy is in prison, the defence minister of Russia is the bad guy. There’s a political prisoner on trial and he’s on trial for something and someone wants a file. That is all we know. Actually there is one thing I liked. The Russians, when talking to one another, did speak Russian to each other. I always like that bit of authenticity in movies.

Bruce Willis can act, but just have a quick glimpse on IMDB at his CV, you will know his big movies the Die Hards, Last Boy Scout, Pulp Fiction, 6th Sense, Looper

But then you look closer. In 3 years he has been in 16 films.

I don’t think even Sam Jackson or Nic Cage have that amount do they?

Cage – 10
Jackson – 12 (not including his cameos in the Avengers build ups)

The movie, I think, was not originally a Die Hard movie it seems to have been maybe a Call of Duty movie that got the main character renamed to John McClane. I’d say if you had a few beers or whiskeys and sat down with some friends you’d have a good laugh with it. But this will be forgotten and I feel that people will only remember the first 3 Die Hard movies. The last two have been pretenders in Die Hard clothing.

This movie tries to hard to be a Die Hard movie and in turn it’s just dire hard. There are some nods and winks to previous movies but it feels more like a parody

The villians are never threatening and it’s not until the final 10 minutes that we learn the real motive. No one is ever in any real danger. The most laughable scene though they do explain it, (doesn’t make it any less laughable) is when they rob a car after losing all there money and weapons. They open the boot (trunk for the americans) and discover a cache of weapons for a small army. Isn’t it lucky they robbed this mafia guys car and he left bullet proof vests, machine guns, incendiary grenades, sawn off shotguns and a myriad of other shit for them?

With the name of the film “A Good Day to Die Hard”. It would have been a nice and ballsy move for McClane to sacrifice himself and end the franchise and go out with some credibility and dignity.


Second Half Review

And so we move to the latest installment in the long running “Die Hard” franchise. We went see this on Valentine’s Day, and the place was packed, and had been all day, if I heard the ushers correctly.

John McClane discovers his son is involved in some shady dealings in Russia. He arrives to realise that there may be more to this than he realises, and proceeds to shit all over Jack McClane’s plan. For no reason. At all. There is something about gaining a file from a political prisoner. Radioactive materials and a hot girl.

But that’s it. There isn’t any more depth to it than this. The whole driving point of the movie is to get this file, but its just such a crappy plot device. There is absolutely no plot whatsoever. There are set pieces, and they are total action set ups. In total there is probably about 3, and each is more ridiculous than the last. I understand that this is be expected for a Die Hard movie, but it’s rather preposterous, even for this genre.

Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney had no on screen chemistry at all, and I could have sworn more than once that they could have been strangers. The only part of the movie that was remotely intriguing was the moment before the final showdown, when John speaks to Jack about how much he cares for him. This was interesting as it was the first part of the movie that I actually felt like Bruce Willis gave a crap about.

This is the kind of movie I’m glad I saw, just to mark it off my list of movies to watch. I would be very annoyed if I had paid to see the movie. I probably won’t ever watch it again.

The first trio of Die Hard movies are staples on my Christmas Movie list, this definitely won’t be added to it! This movie isn’t a Die Hard movie. It’s like a Die Hard movie, but it misses the mark. By a mile.


TL: DR First Half Review: Yippi ki yay mother trucker 😦

TL: DR Second Half Review: Not even close. And they cut the “Motherfucker”. Not a happy camper.